Incentives & Specials
Setting goals for yourself creates great motivation when it comes to physical fitness and health. Walk or run your way to free Bearskin memorabilia or free memberships by reporting your miles. Also, take advantage of our specials that we have each month and our free child care!

Incentive Programs

Walking Club

Members, track your mileage on the treadmill, track, elliptical, arc trainers, or Nu-Step and log it at the front counter on a daily basis. Bearskin Fitness employees will log this information into a database that tracks your total mileage until incentive intervals are reach for a variety of prizes. Getting in shape has never been so fun!

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Burn It & Earn It

Participate in an official weigh-in when you sign up for a membership, and a Bearskin Fitness Staff Member will log your weight with the weigh-in date. For every interval that weight is lost, a prize is earned! Weigh-ins are conducted once a month by a staff member. (Note: leave your shoes on when you get weighed!)

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Raw Bench Club

Log your weight-lift starting point with a staff member, and then work to increase your amount lifted to earn prizes for different lift amounts! A staff member must watch and verify the amount lifted to be eligible. A couple ground rules: feet must be flat on the ground, bar perused at bottom and press on command.

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Specials & Deals

Child Care

For your convenience and peace of mind, we have a dedicated child care specialist on-site and a child care center that allows you to exercise with focus and rest assured that your children are protected and cared for with plenty to occupy their time.

Our child care services are free to our members. Please call (918) 678-2282 for more information regarding our on-site child care services.