Physical Fitness
We know how important it is to make sure that you have everything you need to reach your physical fitness goals. For workout preferences of all kinds, we offer a wide variety of training equipment, including everything from free weights to a matrix climbmill. At Bearskin Fitness Center, it’s important to us that you're able to find exactly what suits your health and fitness needs the best.


Our gymnasium is host to our different workout classes and countless other exercise-related activities. Shoot some hoops during full-court basketball games, rack up the miles on our elevated running track, or make some tweaks to your swing during baseball season inside our batting cage. Whatever sprawling activity helps you stay in shape, there's room for it inside the Bearskin Gym!

Cybex Arc Trainers

The Cybex Arc Trainers are perfect if you're looking for a workout that will be a little easier on your joints, but still burns calories to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Elliptical Fitness Trainers

Our Ellipticals will help strengthen your joints while also providing a good workout for your leg muscles, as well as your core. With several machines available in our Fitness Center, you won't have to wait to maintain a steady pace with your workout regimen!


Walking/running is the most common form of exercise--It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s an effective way to burn calories. Our 6 treadmills are fully equipped with calorie tracker, incline capabilities, heart monitoring and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout.

Strength Resistance Components

If you're looking for specific equipment to help build muscle and increase stamina and durability, our Strength Resistant Components will provide you with the necessary methods to achieve total body toning and muscular growth.

Matrix Climbmill

Running up and down stairs can be monotonous and physically taxing. With the Matrix Climbmill, you are provided with the sensation and benefits of climbing stairs at your own pace and comfort level, all while achieving a full-body and fat-burning workout.

Star Trac eSpinner

The Star Trac eSpinner provides you with the feeling of riding an actual bike while also offering the option of adjusting the components to make sure that you're getting the most out of your workout.

Freeweight Equipment

Building muscle takes time, lots of effort, and a whole lot of determination. What it also takes is the right kind of equipment. In our weight room, you will find everything you need when it comes to free weights so you can reach your goals of physical fitness and physique.

NuStep Cross Trainer

The NuStep Cross Trainer makes a unique cardio and strength workout possible for virtually anyone. The multiple levels of resistance give you a low-impact, total-body workout that’s easy on the joints and helps strengthen your legs, arms, and core.

Recumbent Bikes

For those of you wanting the benefits of an exercise bike, the Recumbent Bikes make for a good workout and are much more comfortable than the traditional exercise bikes by distributing the user's weight over a larger area.

Cardio Theater

If you're looking for something to help pass the time during your workout, much of our workout equipment is hooked up to cardio theater or facing the direction of large-screen TVs for our member's motivation and entertainment.

Life Fitness Row Machine

The versatile Life Fitness Row Machine provides an effective low-impact, total-body home workout for exercisers of all fitness levels. Spend some time with this machine to ensure a total body workout!